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March 12, 2023 2023-03-20 2:01

IMI Games

What’s in the Gaming Industry for Telco ?

The gaming industry is 80% larger than the movie industries around the world.
With rapid growth it is estimated to reach USD 270 Billion by 2025.

Advantages unique to Telcom

Telcos are uniquely positioned to lead the pack in the gaming industry.

Telcos have access to a huge customer base, and gaming presents a massive opportunity to monetize this reach.

Telcos have an unparalleled upper hand when it comes to infrastructure.

Solving salient issues in the industry

Plus, it helps Telco find an answer to one of its most worrying problems, User attrition.

It is said that nearly 60% of customers switch their mobile service provider every year.

Yet, herein lies a golden opportunity as well. Research shows that around 75% of new customers coming to MSPs are from another provider.

IMI Games

How can a gaming platform help Telco?

Increasing the number of users and the ARPU

A gaming platform with a loyalty point system can be used to,
Reduce routine attrition: Due to loyalty programme and opportunities to win offers)
Improve recruitment of new users: Due to Increased visibility and opportunities to win offers)
A high proportion of the new users would be gamers and other heavy data users.

Therefore, not just the sheer number but average revenue per user (ARPU) increases as well.

Improved brand visibility

Gaming ecosystem is a buzzing social sphere

Players take it to social media to share their achievements. Feeling a sense of uniqueness is among the top 5 motivators to play games

This can potentially create tremendous levels of organic traction for the brand in social media circuits.

Brand positioning among the tech savvy

Being associated with the gaming industry and creating exciting value propositions such as low-latency connections, makes these telco companies be viewed as game-changers.

Once again attracting high-end users, driving-up the ARPU (average revenue per user)

What can we do?

We are a gaming factory. Our assembly line work process enables us to provide custom made games at a fraction of price.

Whatever the gaming need may be, from hyper-casual gaming portals with an array of games, to multiplayer first person shooters we can provide tailor made gaming solutions with highly secured, real-time leaderboard modules.

IMI Games

Games for Websites

Hyper-casual games are a genre of mobile games that are characterized by their simple mechanics, short play sessions, and high replayability. They are designed to be easy to pick up and play, with minimal instructions or tutorial required.

Why have them on your Web?

IMI Games

Why Us?

IMI specializes in the production of hyper casual games for niche markets.

The 40 strong teams of Developers, Marketers, Designers and Psychologists will address concerns and objectives of each client on a case-by-case basis.

Production of branded gaming content and customization for client requirements come easy to us.

The almost assembly line- like production process of our gaming factory ensures that you get a quality guaranteed product at a fraction of a price!

Interested in getting to know more on what we have on offer?