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March 12, 2023 2023-03-19 18:08

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What is an Advergame ?

An advergame is a type of video game that is used to advertise a product, service, or brand. Advergames are typically designed to be entertaining and engaging, while also providing an opportunity for the player to learn more about the product or brand.

Everything in an advergame, from the storyline, to characters and even the color scheme of the gaming environment are designed to increase brand awareness and purchase intention.

Why go for an advergame?

How can this be put to use?

An advergame linked to a QR code on your pack?


The most immersive form of advertising your brand can have,

– with immensely repetitive exposure,

– no wear-out effect,

– unparalleled purchase intention formation,

and exponential reach in social media circuits can fit inside a 1″x1″ square on the pack of a product!

A Social Media campaign on roids!


Your brilliant marketing message may need not be just a blur in a scrolling frenzy on social media.

It needs not be buried under a mass of personally related content seen by your target audience.

You can have your target audience live, breath and experience your marketing message in an enthralling advergame and be repeated dozens of times within a day!

What’s holding you back?

Please let us know, for we really can’t think of any - ?